Learn how to do all of the major barbell lifts with an experienced coach

Intro Barbell Coaching Session

A single Intro to Barbell class is sold as one, 1.5 hour private training session with Starting Strength Coach Robert Santana. You will learn everything necessary to begin strength training safely and effectively over these three private sessions and become comfortable with performing the major barbell lifts. We highly recommend novice lifters to train under the guidance of an experienced coach throughout linear progression.

We also offer additional 1x and 2x a week packages over a period of 3 months (a normal length linear progression) to make sure your form is ready for intermediate training after you are done. If you think you need more private coaching, please contact me and lets chat about your needs!

Intro includes detailed instruction on the squat, the deadlift, the bench press. The first session will also include a discussion of programming strategies, general nutrition guidelines, gym etiquette, equipment needs and more. My goal is to ensure our new lifters fully understand how to approach strength training so that they can continue getting stronger for a long time.

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We will cover how the squat is performed with a barbell placed on the back and involves the bending of the knees and hips to arrive at a position where the thigh is just below parallel to the floor. The squat taught at Weights & Plates is the low bar squat as described in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training 3rd Edition. This is also referred to as the “low bar squat,” which places the bar just below the spine of the scapula, which requires the lifter primarily engage the musculature of the hips.


At Weights & Plates we will teach you how to deadlift properly so that when you are out in the world you will be strong enough to move around and carry heavy things without injury. Deadlifting involves bending over with a sufficiently tight back, glutes, and thighs and makes all of these muscles much stronger over time and you will be more resistant to injuries as a result.


The best of all upper body lifts, this movement is not as popular as it once was. However, it’s popularity is slowly coming back and more and more people are standing up and pressing a barbell overhead. The movement involves standing up and pressing a barbell overhead to a locked, overhead position. This strengthens the shoulder girdle, and is the single best exercise for shoulder health and shoulder strength.


“How much can ya bench?” This is also one of three competition lifts in the sport of powerlifting, with the squat and the deadlift alongside it. Here at Weights & Plates we teach the bench press to develop upper body strength. We can help you grow stronger shoulders, arms, and pectorals.


What is Starting Strength?

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training 3rd Edition is a book that was originally written in 2005 by a gentleman by the name or Mark Rippetoe. The book is currently in its third edition and had led to the development of the Starting Strength website, Starting Strength Seminars, Starting Strength Coach Credential, Starting Strength Gyms, and Starting Strength Equipment.  Starting Strength is a book that describes a model of basic barbell training based on both biomechanics and decades of practical experience both coaching and performing the lifts. The lifts outlined in the book are The Squat, The Deadlift, The Press, The Power Clean, and The Bench Press. Weights & Plates Strength & Nutrition Center is a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym and Robert Santana is a Starting Strength Coach.

Who is this for?

Barbell training can benefit virtually anyone who can physically perform it. We have trained individuals that range from youth athletes to elderly individuals. The barbell exercises are functional and ergonomic since a barbell can be handled directly over the lifter’s center of mass. In contrast, most items that are handled in daily life often extend out several inches away from your body. By practicing the lifts with a barbell, you are lifting efficiently and safely so that when you are forced to handle unsafe and inefficient movements, the strength surplus reduces your risk of injury. The classic example is picking up an 80 lb desk, box, or lawnmower. A lifter strong enough to pick up a 300 lb barbell is less likely to injure picking up the more awkward 80 lb desk because of the strength surplus he possesses. So, if you think you must be a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or Olympic weightlifter to perform barbell exercises, you have been misinformed and we intend to set the record straight for you!

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Private Training With Robert

Robert also offers private training in his gym for a 1.5 hour session on an ongoing basis. You have the option to train with him 1-3 times a week. These coaching sessions are sold in monthly increments. He will reach out to schedule your session after purchase.

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